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PUSH review – a whirlwind tour of rocketing rents and personal tragedy

This powerful documentary, about a UN investigator travelling the planet to get to the bottom of the global housing crisis, lays bare a $217 trillion scandal

It is a story repeated from Toronto to Berlin, Stockholm and Seoul – via London’s cleansed Heygate Estate and the remains of the Grenfell Tower – where Swedish director Fredrik Gertten accompanies Farha on a whirlwind tour of personal tragedy and corporate greed, as she unearths familiar tales of poor residents being forcibly evicted to make way for luxury investment units to be sold to wealthy overseas buyers.

Along the way, providing sage guidance in her quest, are the voices of sociologist Saskia Sassen and economist Joseph Stiglitz, heavyweight academics who dispense bullets of wisdom. Sassen has spent her career analysing the invisible global flows between world cities. She is frank: “This is not at all about housing. The buildings function as assets.”

Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian.  

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The Tipping Point: Fredrik Gertten Talks ‘Push’ and the Global Housing Crisis

Eye-opening doc explores the housing market through the eyes of activist Leilani Farha

“If you think celery is expensive these days, don’t even try looking at rental prices. The housing market is in crisis as renters and buyers in cities across the globe struggle to compete with the high cost of living. Fredrik Gertten’s invigorating and eye-opening documentary PUSH offers a worldwide wake-up call as it explores the rapidly shifting patterns in the “financialization” of housing as homes and rental units become the hottest commodities on the market”

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What others are saying

“Swedish director Fredrik Gertten’s compelling new documentary PUSH takes a much broader view, following the engaging Leilani Farha, a UN special rapporteur, as she travels the world doggedly collecting evidence for her report on inadequate housing. PUSH carefully builds its case city by city, and we see the human cost of displacement as developers buy up land and create luxury properties for people who do not already live in the community”

“A documentary shedding light on the global phenomenon of the commodification of housing and consequent lack of affordability, especially through the eyes of Leilani Farha, a United Nations special rapporteur on housing who lives in Canada”

“This documentary encapsulates one of the most pressing consequences of global hyper-capital in our time! In a world where a few can buy up property, not live in it, and sell it to someone else for a higher profit. And then it continues to be sold on to more investors who will never live there, all the while threatening the existing tenants who do live there, to get out.  It is a violation of not only international law, but of we, as human beings!

And by continuing to raise the price overall on housing across the globe, where will lower income families be able to live if these practices continue to dominate the world real estate markets?”

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