Councillor Chapman OP comment hits home

On Thursday, Councillor Chapman posted on social media quoting Aurora’s Mayor Tom Mrakas regarding upholding Provincially approved Official Plans. Councillor Chapman said:

“This would change the landscape substantially. A lot of work is put into official plans and yet they are easily amended. The current LPAT process has made it harder for residents to appeal planning decisions in defence of their city’s official plan. ‘Municipalities should have the authority to uphold their Provincially approved Official Plans’.”

May I add that I fully agree and a main motivator as to why I am here. Why bother discussing and preparing planned intensification to throw it away on a whim? The main media enjoys claiming NIMBYism is everywhere and that if you disagree with any form of intensification you are a NIMBY. But that is not true, there are many forms of intensification, let’s continue to ask our council to ensure we collectively take a balanced approach.

Kelly-Ann Callaghan

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