Mill St – Letter from John MacDonald

Mayor Vrbanovic, CouncillorsI would ask please that on Monday evening Councillors defer this matter, after listening specifically to delegations that may question the process undertaken to date with respect to this development application. The staff report makes much of a “Neighbourhood Working Group” and I ask that Councillors listen carefully to delegations from this group as to how they view the process that has been … Continue reading Mill St – Letter from John MacDonald

19-41 Mill St

Much has changed in a year on this project, some for the better, however there are issues that are still not being addressed (such as the excessive size/scale) or issues not yet understood (incompatibility/ disruption to the neighbourhood, heritage demolition, impact on adjacent sensitive zones, planning staff recommendation of the zone change request, not enough affordable housing provided (3%), dislodging nearly 20 tenants etc.) It is challenging to review and … Continue reading 19-41 Mill St

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Important Meeting for Large Development on Mill Street.

You are invited to attend the upcoming Planning and Strategic Initiatives Committee meeting which will include discussion of the proposed development of 19-41 Mill St and the developer’s proposed official plan amendment and zoning bylaw amendments. Monday, February 8, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. live-stream video available at A number of individuals and organizations are presenting at this meeting in an attempt to stop a … Continue reading Important Meeting for Large Development on Mill Street.

New Developments

New developments have caused a polarizing in the city and we are here to discuss it. Cover all the facts that are presented by homeowners as well as developers at city council. Zoning In December 2019 City Council was overfilled with residents voicing their concerns for the zone changes happening to their home. Over the next few years, City Planners will attack each neighbourhood throughout the … Continue reading New Developments