Will theft and property damage subside if King & Borden becomes the next “Better Tent City” – Discussion

A Better Tent City is a new solution for the homeless; a cluster of shed like structures to help house people who are not sheltered in the shelter system. They have access to a communal kitchen, showers and bathrooms. The ability to have access to a hot shower is understandably appreciated as well as the sense of security. At the moment, there are under 20 … Continue reading Will theft and property damage subside if King & Borden becomes the next “Better Tent City” – Discussion

New Developments

New developments have caused a polarizing in the city and we are here to discuss it. Cover all the facts that are presented by homeowners as well as developers at city council. Zoning In December 2019 City Council was overfilled with residents voicing their concerns for the zone changes happening to their home. Over the next few years, City Planners will attack each neighbourhood throughout the … Continue reading New Developments

Why bloated house values will not save you.

Are you a homeowner? Property taxes and service costs are primarily based on the perceived market value of your home.  As time passes, your taxes and service costs continuously increase.  When you retire, will you be able to afford the property taxes and service costs, or will you be forced to sell your home?  Why do your property taxes and service costs continuously increase?  A … Continue reading Why bloated house values will not save you.

Watch PUSH

Why should you watch PUSH? It illustrates why it is not an individual’s failure to find adequate housing. There are external influences that are manipulating the market. It simplifies a complex issue and shows that changes need to be made on the local government level to help protect citizens in their city. There is a solution but enough people need to see it and want it … Continue reading Watch PUSH

PUSH In The Media

PUSH review – a whirlwind tour of rocketing rents and personal tragedy This powerful documentary, about a UN investigator travelling the planet to get to the bottom of the global housing crisis, lays bare a $217 trillion scandal It is a story repeated from Toronto to Berlin, Stockholm and Seoul – via London’s cleansed Heygate Estate and the remains of the Grenfell Tower – where Swedish director Fredrik Gertten accompanies Farha … Continue reading PUSH In The Media