19-41 Mill St

19-41 Mill St Proposed Changes

Much has changed in a year on this project, some for the better, however there are issues that are still not being addressed (such as the excessive size/scale) or issues not yet understood (incompatibility/ disruption to the neighbourhood, heritage demolition, impact on adjacent sensitive zones, planning staff recommendation of the zone change request, not enough affordable housing provided (3%), dislodging nearly 20 tenants etc.)

It is challenging to review and provide comments on this revised project due to the tight timeframe and insufficient information provided. There was more information provided a year ago on the previous concept, but we have not seen the same level of detail provided now. Perhaps the most important are the perspective views from the surrounding area – the Iron Horse Trail, Mill Street views (especially at 11, 15 and 45 Mill St), Queen Street properties (533 – 561 Queen), Schneider Creek CHL district views, Victoria Park heritage district properties. There is some info provided in the updated heritage impact assessment attached such as a shadow study and angular view drawings, but no 3D views.

At the meeting Monday night (7pm Feb 8, 2021), the Planning and Strategic Initiatives Committee (PSIC) is asked to support staff’s recommendation for an Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment specifically for the size and scale proposed. This seems to be a case of the cart before the horse.

The working group that consulted with the developer and planning staff would like you to know that we are therefore not in support of the requested change to the Official Plan and Zoning By-laws. We are not in support of the development as currently proposed. We plan to ask for a deferral at the PSIC meeting Monday night to allow time to obtain and review the information needed to be able to better understand the proposal and prepare comments.

Your participation is important — here are some ideas for what you can do. Please especially consider speaking Monday night!

  1. Register to speak at Monday’s meeting before 4pm Monday February 8/21 at https://www.kitchener.ca/en/city-services/appear-as-a-delegation.aspxSee Each speaker has a maximum 5 minutes. Here are some topics that people will speak to so far and other ideas:
    • Zoning/ planning issues
    • Floor Space Ration issues
    • Environmental concerns
    • Heritage issues
    • Loss of affordable housing
    • Displacement of neighbours
    • Community investment in planning guidelines not respected
    • Planning/consultation process issues
    • Flooding concerns
    • 45 Mill perspective/neighbourhood characteristics
    • Other ideas:
      • Development impact on trails
      • Concerns about living next to the ‘elephant in the room’
      • Your ideas are welcome!
  2. Submit written correspondence if you are unable to attend the meeting at delegation@kitchener.ca.
  3. Let any or all councillors and the mayor know that you oppose the amendments and the proposed project
  4. Let planning staff know that you oppose the the amendments and the proposed project
  5. Forward this email to others you know who would be interested.
  6. Attend the meeting Monday night by live-stream video available at https://www.kitchener.ca/en/city-services/watch-a-meeting.aspx  Click on Upcoming meetings: Feb.8, Planning and Strategic Initiatives Committee 7pm – watch here.

Please feel free to let me know any addition info or contacts needed.

Thanks very much,

Mario and Deb

45 Mill Street

2 thoughts on “19-41 Mill St

  1. As usual the decisions process has been done behind closed doors before any consultation. This process of involving the community is a joke. Each time it is the same, the comments from the people involved in the community are: “they did not listen to our concerns or interests” . The only time they will listen to the community is when we will cast our vote at the next municipal election, then, lets not forget .

    1. Hi Deni,
      I completely agree, I think we all need to remind everyone regularly what council is enabling and encourage anyone who wants to represent their Ward to run. – Kelly-Ann

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